Wilshire Manning Condominiums Los Angeles

Wilshire Manning condominiums Los Angeles are located at 10660 Wilshire Blvd. The Wilshire Manning Condominiums  were built in 1980. There are 132 Condominiums in The Wilshire Manning  and it is 18 stories tall. It is located in the middle of  Wilshire Boulevard Golden Mile on the South side of the street. The desirable location on the Wilshire Corridor offers dramatic view. It has valet parking, concierge, pool, 1,2,and some large 3 bedroom units . Units are For sale and lease. Fairburn Elementary School is the public school for residents. . Visit us now at https://www.caronschwartz.com and call us at 310-383-0831 for more information on the Wilshire Corridor and relocation

Wilshire Manning Condominiums 10660 Wilshire Blvd

An Wilshire Manning Condominiums
10660 Wilshire Blvd