Venice looks to adopt Mansionization rules

Another area of Los Angeles looks to adopt Mansionization rules. Venice California is a community that is so mixed with older homes, new architectural homes, small condo developments, large condominium developments, and houseboats. This community is a buzz with what to do with the building going on and the changes that could further affect the neighborhoods. While Westwood, 15 neighborhoods are under ICO with varied regulations. Holmby Hills is well underway in establishing a HPOZ. While the neighborhood has been notified, a committee is well into the planning that will soon be proposed for this neighborhood. The city officials state “Establishing an HPOZ for the area would help to further protect the historic buildings and guide change in the neighborhood. The City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning is currently conducting outreach in the development of the preservation plan.” Homeowners have concerns that they won’t have a voice in the rules the committee proposes but we will have to wait to see what is proposed in the coming months. Venice looks to adopt mansionization rules as the city allows more builders to overlook rules that have helped set in place maintaining some of the original character of the neighborhoods. It is precisely because of this mix of the new and old that gives Venice its charm. The increase in population in an already dense community will definitely continue to affect the neighborhood both good and bad.

Venice on the other hand is hearing strong reactions. Petitions are posted online, meetings are being held as the character of the neighborhoods in Venice continue to dramatically change. Venice.  There was to be “long range conservation, use and management of the natural, scenic, cultural, recreational and man made resources of the coastal zone adopted in the plan Section 30002. With prices on Abbot Kinney in the $9-10 per square foot commercial leases, Architectural homes , and more three story buildings being built along with condominium developments, the face of Venice is rapidly changing. In March of 2015 The City Council began to curb the proliferation of Mansionization in Los Angeles. The Planning department began to revise citywide rules (BMO) Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, which detail the amount of residential floor area that can be developed on a single family lot.The council approved immediate but temporary restrictions within certain neighborhoods in Los Angeles including Holmby Hills,Venice East of Lincoln Blvd , parts of Kentwood in Westchester, and Mar Vista to name a few. Considerations are being made to extend the ICO. In Question is the Specific plan and the interpretation of the small lot Subdivision Ordinance. Currently more units area being allowed on lots than the Specific Plan allows not considering enough parking. Very large buildings are being constructed which many find out of scale with the neighborhood.The community has very little time to appeal decisions of the Planning department. On Monday, April 18, 2016 there was an ‘invitation only’ meeting that did not reflect the diversity of the Venice community. There continue to be posts to the internet to alert the community of what is happening. In Westwood, planning is done, and the City assures the community it will have a voice. The hope is that those in the community who attend the next meetings with the proposals will still have a voice in what the committee of roughly 13 working with City officials comes up with. There are hints of this coming to more communities in Los Angeles as builders and residents come together with City officials to determine how much growth and construction and the limitations on what can be done take hold. For further information check with the Venice City Council http://www.venicenc.org/committees/lupc/ 

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Venice looks to adopt mansionization rules

Venice looks to adopt mansionization rules

Stop Adoption HPOZ Westwood Meeting

The Stop Adoption HPOZ Westwood Meeting was held June 30, 2016. This was the first meeting held in Westwood by a collective of Holmby Hills property owners who are against having a HPOZ enacted in Holmby Hills in Westwood or learning more about the proposals being made. Residents gathered who felt they had been misinformed, or not informed about the proposed adoption of a HPOZ for their neighborhood. The proposed Westwood Holmby Hills HPOZ will contain regulations specific to the neighborhood restricting building and remodeling within the community . In the future if you want to make changes to your home you would be subject to approval from the HPOZ. Some of the concerns brought up at the meeting are the possible restrictions ,color of your home, replacing windows, replacement of doors, tree’s and landscaping, room additions, 2nd story additions etc. With the proposed HPOZ you would not just go get a building permit, you would have to go through a process of approval through the city so that what you are doing will not go against the architectural history of the neighborhood. There are good reasons to retaining the character of a neighborhood and restrict overbuilding or building in bad taste but there are other ways to achieve this preservation IE: the BMO or baseline mansionization ordinance that is being reviewed and improved is being noted by those against the proposed HPOZ as sufficient way to help impose improvements and building restrictions . The committee against the HPOZ adoption feels it will be too restrictive and hard to ever undo and end. You can read more about all these points through some of the links attached to this article. I have written articles on the subject before. This meeting was the first public meeting held to Stop Adoption HPOZ Westwood. Click here to see a video of the meeting to learn more. Ben Reznik, Land use attorney spoke to the crowd of Westwood homeowners who had gathered to address the many questions neighbors had. There is a petition circulating against the HPOZ enactment and a committee e mail formed to get more information. ([email protected]) The current proposed HPOZ can be read here. These are all very important links to understand the proposed HPOZ and the issues against the proposed HPOZ — see all the details proposed here.  This evening, July 14,2016 is the first meeting to discuss the HPOZ draft at St Albans Church.  The Stop Adoption HPOZ Westwood Meeting group will be present to ask many questions. The pros and cons of preserving the historic value of a neighborhood versus the freedom to choose what you want to do will be discussed at the meeting and secondary meeting on July 21,2016. There are many previous articles I have posted on the subject. Whether an HPOZ will help or hinder property values in the area will continue to be discussed. Other neighborhoods including Bel Air, Brentwood, Venice etc are all experiencing similar issues as growth and development, and remodeling will continue to present issues of preservation. There are so many issue discussed in the posted links so don’t miss the opportunity to view videos and important links

Caron Schwartz is  realtor who works in Holmby Hills and Westwood and has written many posts about the area which includes the Wilshire Corridor and Bel Air. Homes for sale in Westwood are affected by these decisions that are being made. Bel Air Real Estate is facing all the issues of HPOZ and Baseline Mansionization Act. There is currently a IOC in these areas.(Interim Control Ordinance).

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