Real Estate Agent Westwood, Los Angeles California

Real Estate Agent Westwood, Los Angeles California — Caron Schwartz. Caron has been working in real estate and design for over 30 years in Los Angeles.

“I had a very positive experience with Caron. In a competitive market, she helped me to find a home I am very happy with. Caron regularly sent listings in the areas that met several of my specifications. She was flexible schedule wise and knowledgeable during home visits with the seller’s agent that she organized and open houses. She knows the Westwood area very well. Caron is also very responsive to questions and requests for information, even outside standard work hours. Finally, Caron helped to take care of many other matters with little burden on myself (including organizing relevant inspections, home repairs, etc.). In total, she helped me immensely to be informed through the process, was responsive to my requests and needs, and very helpful in all aspects of home purchasing.”

Jonathan K, Westwood 12/2017

A&J 2016

Caron went her way to pick up and hand deliver a check from the seller, so we could close on time. She also provided great referrals for a moving company and the escrow officer. For all of the inspections, she used an online video app to communicate with us as we were out-of-town buyers.
10724 Wilshire Blvd

Leslie (July 2016)

I worked with Caron for several months to find my ideal new home. When we found what I loved she worked together with me to acquire my home.

I am so excited to have my new home and grateful to have worked with an agent that moved me through all the the details and timing required to purchase a home. I highly recommend Caron. It can be trying finding a home and she was informative and made the process flow smoothly.


Richard G. Dale (July 2015)

Caron is very tenacious. She stays on the deal throughout and follows-up. She works hard to achieve relationship goals of closing on time and getting FULL VALUE for the property involved. Maximizing time to the greatest value for her client. In my thirty-eight (38) years has a California Real Estate Broker, I have not seen another Broker work has hard as Caron to achieve A win-win situation for her client and the other parties to the deal! She is indeed one of the best residential agents I have worked with in the business and would recommend her highly!

Sincerely, Richard G. Dale,JD.
California Real Estate Broker

Laurie Copus (June 2015)

Caron is a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and helped me discover and review a nice amount of properties. I was especially impressed by her knowledge of the various buildings on Wilshire Corridor. She kept my well-being and investment in the forefront of her mind – not just looking to get a deal closed. In LA’s crazy real estate market, it is very helpful to have someone like Caron on your team. She helped guide me through the offer process and financing- relentless in her pursuit for what would make me happy.

Laurie Copus

Emily (April 2015)

Caron worked really hard to help me and my family find the best home for us that could satisfy each one of our wishes for what we were looking for. She is very kind and we enjoyed visiting different places with for her input. Her dedication and efforts were very much appreciated, and now we have the home that we are all really happy and excited for!


C Huang (Mar 2015)

Caron was very patient taking us to visit a lot of houses. With her helpful input, we were able to buy the house our family all liked the most. Today was very exciting- it was the first day I moved in. Can’t wait to enjoy our new home!!
C Huang

Robbi S

Caron Schwartz Testimonial

Caron Schwartz Testimonial

Caron Schwartz testimonial: “I have used Caron Schwartz many times and she is always wonderful. She has a gift to combine amazing real estate skills with comfort and positive energy during a stressful situation. She handles all the details so well that you can relax knowing all is taken care of. Her professionalism is spot on, but I believe she is very different from other real estate agents. She is kind and gentle and very sensitive to all her client is going thru. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, rather pleasantly surprised how well she handles your situation with great ease and professionalism”. Robbi S- phone or e mail¬† contact available by request.¬† For more Caron Schwartz Testimonial Contact https://www.caronschwartz.com



Jennifer Lyu-Senior [email protected] Max Azria

“My journey in finding the perfect residence began with meeting Caron in October of 2005. As a first time home buyer,I did not have concrete plans nor ideas about what that first home would be.At my request, we started looking at lofts in Downtown L.A, then single family homes in Eagle Rock, Glendale and Hollywood Hills,to multi -family/income properties in Silverlake .Suffice it to say, I had too broad a vision of what I really wanted and needed to focus.What I did have was a determination to enter the real estate game, which was matched by Caron’s patience and diligent work ethic. She lead me through one bid,conducting herself very professionally against an extremely arrogant and antagonizing sellers agent,and countless open houses and mls/comp searches.In the end, her expert knowledge of the Westside area as well as her associations with local seller’s agents gave me the advantage to hear about an impending sale of a condo in an up and coming neighborhood of Culver City. We bid on the property with conviction and got the winning bid without having to go into a multiple bidding scenario.

Because I have such a hectic work schedule,I was overwhelmed by the number of inspections that required my presence and attention.Caron scheduled all of my inspections and was the liaison with the Escrow company to organize all the pending documents and necessary procedures.Through these further inspections, I was able to get another $5000.00 in addition to getting a more than fair market price for the property.

Another advantage in working with Caron is her expertise in renovating properties. Because of her vast rolodex of contractors, plumbers, wholesalers, I am probably going to save even more money renovating my new home.Furthermore, the relationship didn’t stop at the closing .She still makes me feel very welcome to call her for advice.

I would strongly recommend Caron to anyone looking to buy.Based on her diligence and method of working which I could describe as aggressive based on need.She was never pushing me, the client to commit to a property, but when I needed her to be aggressive on my behalf with the sellers agent or inspectors, she came through for me.Please feel free to call for any further questions.

Sincerely, Jennifer Lyu Senior Designer BCBG”

Tatiana and George Linscott (July 31, 2004)

“In March of 2004 we made our first trip to L.A to survey the housing market there as we were planning on moving there in August.We were impressed by the number and quality of the listings from Coldwell Banker so we contacted their office. When we arrived at their office we met Caron for the first time. Looking back on that first meeting, and thinking about all the events that happened afterwards makes us appreciate Caron even more! As we would soon find out, we were moving to LA during one of the hottest real-estate markets in years. Rather than scare us, or try to lower our expectations, caron helped us understand the current market and then set up a plan to help us find a house that met all our requirements.

We only had 2 days to look at houses during that first visit. Caron immediately sprang into action. We wanted to live within walking distance to UCLA so Caron performed all the research of the available properties in that vicinity that met our criteria. We saw many houses in those few days and although we wanted to stay longer, we had a conference to attend in Las Vegas and work to do back in Boston. We left realizing that finding a house that met our criteria was going to be much more work than we realized.

After we got back to Boston there was an e mail waiting for us that had all the “new” listings that came out since we left. This was the first of many examples of Caron’s thorough research and dedication to her clients. There were many times when we would receive e-mails from her late in the evening. Trying to find a house in a crazy market from accross the country would have been impossible if it were not for Caron’s hard work.

After several more trips to LA Caron found us the perfect house! It was only a 15 min walk to UCLA, the neighbors are great, and it has everything we were looking for. After we made the offer and flew back to Boston, Caron arranged for all the inspections prepared all the paperwork and worked with us to make sure everything went smoothly. When we arrived to our new home, a week before all of our belongings, we found a “welcome” package from Caron that turned out to have everything we needed during that first week. It was just one more example of her thoughtful, caring and helpful nature.

In summary we highly recommend Caron. In a “sellers market” she helped us find exactly what wew wanted at a fair price. She understands urgency but does not panic,she is informative but not pushy, she is hardworking but not desperate, and she is relaxed but always alert to her client’s best interest. We think she is the best. We are available for apersonal reference if you would like to call.

George and Tatiana Linscott (number available upon request)”