8 Things to do in Westwood

 8 THINGS TO DO IN WESTWOOD . What to do in Westwood ?  Home to UCLA campus .The neighborhood is surrounded by beautiful residential homes and high rise buildings. Furthermore,the community has great schools,  ( Schools Westwood and West Los Angeles )and has close access to freeways. Additionally, it is within minutes to Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Century City. Lastly,there are great restaurants, shopping, markets, and theaters.

UCLA Campus. Fowler Museum

First of all, Westwood is home to UCLA campus. Within the campus you can visit the Fowler Museum. #1  (https://www.fowler.ucla.edu/) There is always an exciting exhibit to see. The Fowler Museum explores art and material culture primarily from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas, past and present. Especially relevant issues are on display.

Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Gardens

Secondly ,you can walk through The Franklin D Murphy Sculpture gardens located within the UCLA campus. #2 https://hammer.ucla.edu/collections/franklin-d-murphy-sculpture-garden. Henceforth, you will see beautiful outdoor sculptures. Most noteworthy, 70 modern and contemporary works set in five beautifully landscaped acres.

UCLA Botanical Gardens

8 things to do in Westwood Botanical Gardens

Thirdly, stop at the UCLA botanical gardens. #3 https://www.botgard.ucla.edu/.The UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden is a living museum. Furthermore, there are amazing plants  from around the world.

The Hammer Museum

Hammer Museum

Fourth , the Hammer Museum is a must see! Noteworthy, the many impressionist paintings in the permanent collection and many other exhibits to see. They are currently expanding and are located right by the entry to the new Metro stop. #4 https://hammer.ucla.edu/


Fifth, Read more about the many restaurants in Westwood on my website http://www.caronschwartz.com. Especially, there you can find a list of everything from Chinese, Persian, Italian, Indonesian, Korean , Japanese, Indian, Thai, Turkish, American, foods. Here are just a few restaurants you will enjoy. Especially relevant, Northern Café, Orchid Bakery, Bollywood Bites, Flame Persian Cuisine etc.

Celebrity Memorials

Sixth, After lunch you can visit the Cemetery.#6 https://www.dignitymemorial.com/funeral-homes/los-angeles-ca/pierce-brothers-westwood-village-memorial-park-and-mortuary/4798 . Interestingly, so many famous movie stars are buried within this small hidden burial ground.  See more on my list on my website  https://www.caronschwartz.com/the-wilshire-corridor/westwood-artgalleriesthings-to-do/

The Playboy Mansion

Seventh, you can drive by the Playboy Mansion. Additionally, you can buy maps of the stars homes and see many other homes in this area. Many other stars homes are located in Holmby Hills and Bel Air. Furthermore, visit https://www.playboy.com/

The Geffen Playhouse Theater

8 things to do in Westwood -Geffen Playhouse

Eighth, you can end your evening with a great performance at the Geffen Playhouse Theater. Additionally, the theater has a renowned mix of classic and contemporary plays as well as provocative world premiere productions. http://geffenplayhouse.org/

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this list of things to do. Additionally, now that you have learned more about the neighborhood, you may be looking for a home? Lastly, contact Caron Schwartz at 310-383-0831 for all your real estate needs.



Five Prestigious Country Clubs and Golf near The Wilshire Corridor


The future of Westwood Village

The future of Westwood Village . For years the Village has been caught between anti development vs. development. These changes affect surrounding communities around UCLA including  Holmby Hills, Bel Air, Westwood Hills, The Wilshire Corridor, etc. Learn more about what is being proposed for the area.

UCLA has a proposed project which designates five sites for new construction across the Westwood campus allowing the university to meet the capacity promised by its 2016-2026 Student Housing Plan .There are more than 47,000 residents within a 3 mile radius .https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westwood,_Los_Angeles https://urbanize.la/post/ucla-plans-major-expansion-student-housing-capacity

Fortunately, through neighborhood councils, residents are talking about their desire to retain the small town feel of Westwood Village vs. the new proposals for more housing. In addition,the metro station purple line and the Olympic games are coming. The future of Westwood Village includes the Armand Hammer Museum expanding. Therefore, these developments will bring more traffic and interest in the area. https://la.curbed.com/2017/1/26/14387852/hammer-museum-expansion-wilshire-renovation

Firstly, Westwood Village is surrounded by million dollar properties on all sides. The Wilshire Corridor, Little Holmby, Westwood Hills, Bel Air, to name a few. There is a lot of wealth and disposable income in the area. This is very appealing to developers. There are UCLA students and faculty. Recently at a neighborhood homeowner meeting, (October 2017 HWPOA) a UCLA  representative stated that “most students don’t bring their cars to campus.” The UCLA representative states that the new housing would not increase traffic concerns . read more…http://dailybruin.com/2017/03/12/ucla-to-propose-new-dorms-apartments-to-match-enrollment-increase/ 

Secondly, The future of Westwood Village has been surrounded by controversy about development. The Casden project, developed  many years ago, received a lot of resistance to a large project in the Village. Once approved, it provided more housing, Trader Joe’s, parking , other retailers and restaurants for the Village. In addition, the former Bullocks location houses  “supersize” Ralph’s ,parking and City Target. The increase in parking spaces helped bring more residents to the Village. Conclusively, these are all very successful projects today. Specifically, neighbors have stated even more parking would be welcome! see more..http://dailybruin.com/2004/03/11/casden-project-approved/

Also noteworthy, developers see that it could be a larger booming retail, shopping, and restaurant mecca. Historically students have not been big spenders to support retail. Interestingly, the development of City Target and Ralph’s draws large numbers of students and residents. Not Surprisingly, Trader Joe’s and its neighboring fast food stores are thriving. The project’s parking lot  is a convenience.  Specifically residents have stated that part of the lack of shopping in other parts of Westwood is due to difficulty finding parking with ease .

Thirdly neighbors and community councils have mixed feelings about retaining the small town feel the village exudes. Some residents want many more restaurants.  Residents are concerned about high rise versus low rise, traffic, over development, parking etc. Community organizations are actively discussing the proposed projects.  learn more…http://dailybruin.com/2017/09/27/ucla-students-local-residents-argue-over-proposal-to-increase-housing/

Uniquely, Westwood Village still retains a small town feel. Thursdays draw in locals and people working in the community at the Farmers Market. Surprisingly the area still has historic buildings and many low rise buildings contributing to the era gone by landmarks that sustain memories of the past.

In summary, residents question how the new UCLA proposed 20 story tower would impact the village?  http://dailybruin.com/2017/10/04/westwood-residents-concerned-over-proposals-for-new-student-housing/   Lastly, How do you feel about all the proposed future changes? What would you like to see happen?

For all your real estate needs contact https://www.caronschwartz.com  310-383-0831

farmers market westwood

The future of Westwood Village

Future Student housing Westwood Village

Real Estate Agent Westwood, Los Angeles California

Real Estate Agent Westwood, Los Angeles California — Caron Schwartz. Caron has been working in real estate and design for over 30 years in Los Angeles.

“I had a very positive experience with Caron. In a competitive market, she helped me to find a home I am very happy with. Caron regularly sent listings in the areas that met several of my specifications. She was flexible schedule wise and knowledgeable during home visits with the seller’s agent that she organized and open houses. She knows the Westwood area very well. Caron is also very responsive to questions and requests for information, even outside standard work hours. Finally, Caron helped to take care of many other matters with little burden on myself (including organizing relevant inspections, home repairs, etc.). In total, she helped me immensely to be informed through the process, was responsive to my requests and needs, and very helpful in all aspects of home purchasing.”

Jonathan K, Westwood 12/2017

Westwood apartments near UCLA to purchase or rent

Westwood apartments near UCLA to purchase or rent

969 Hilgard is a fabulous location within one block of UCLA is the perfect place to live while attending or working on campus. The building is also known as Park Westwood Towers.  Housing near UCLA is in high demand.

969 Hilgard is a security building with 24 hour doorman. The building has beautiful views of Westwood and the hills of Bel Air. One of the features it offers is a swimming pool. You are within a block of walking to campus, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, theaters etc.

Westwood apartments near UCLA to purchase or rent

Just leased  2 bedroom, 1.5 bath condo  This apartment has amazing views of surrounding areas. It has a kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances. The floors are marble and wood.

The apartment is 962 sq feet  .There are large windows in each room .It is a furnished apartment. The building also offers 1 bedroom apartments. Condominiums for sale in the building average $675-795,000 for a two bedroom condominium .

969 Hilgard condominium pool

Interestingly, there is not enough housing around the UCLA campus. Clients often contact me to help them find housing near UCLA. Typically I do a lot of work in the area. I know so many of the buildings available and their amenities. The Wilshire Corridor is also a close location to campus.

Most of all, living in Westwood allows you to walk and access so many things to do. You can visit museums, libraries, places of worship, sporting activities etc. In addition you can now rent bicycles and get around the area.

Additionally ,Westwood apartments near UCLA to purchase or rent is in a area in high demand . There is such a large population of students trying to find housing near campus. Apartments in Westwood Village can be found in low rise smaller buildings. There are more modern buildings that have been recently built. There are high rises with amenities within a mile of campus. I have the expertise to help you find a condo in Westwood.

Uniquely, 969 Hilgard is a perfect choice because it is so close to campus. If you are looking for a Westwood apartment near UCLA for purchase or rent, contact Caron Schwartz .

Conclusively, When it comes to real estate in Westwood contact: 310-383-0831 https://www.caronschwartz.com to assist you with campus housing and all Westwood real estate.

Westwood Restaurants 2017


Westwood Restaurants 2017 include many varieties of food to eat in one neighborhood! You could eat a different cuisine every day of the week . All within a 1 mile radius.

Firstly, if you live in Westwood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Century City ,Rancho Park, the Wilshire Corridor or Beverly Hills, you are within minutes of these great dining experiences.

Secondly,have you ever wondered what to eat? Where to go to eat? You won’t have that problem in Westwood! Amazingly, Westwood Restaurants 2017 include Chinese food, Italian food, French food, Japanese food, Korean food, Persian food, Turkish food, Indian food, American food, Mexican food, Deli food, Deserts, Sushi, Thai food, Greek food,Vietnamese food, Israeli cuisine, Indonesian food etc? There is such a variety in one neighborhood!

Thirdly, you must try the Turkish breakfast at Zuma Kitchen, or the Bakery sweets at Orchid Bakery! Amazing sushi at Ralph’s, Mediterranean Food at Cava, Thai cuisine at Chilli Thai. Understandably, there is a reason Stan’s doughnuts has been there for over 30 years…….etc etc. The list goes on and on.

Lastly, Who has time to cook? After a long day at work, school, or having fun ,go try a new place to eat or order to go. Being home to UCLA and students from around the world everyone will find all their favorite foods.  Dine in or order in. You are sure to be satisfied. Great Schools, Great Restaurants, Close to so many parts of the city. Bon appetite!

800 Degrees Pizza      10889 Lindbrook Dr              310-443-1911          http://www.800degreespizza.com 

Ajisen Ramen     10250 Santa Monica Blvd              310-556-1188            http://www.ajisencalifornia.com

Ami Japanese       Sushi 1051 Broxton Ave               310-209-1994            http://www.amijapanese.com

Asuka Westwood   1553 Westwood Blvd                  424-832-7284             http://www.eatasuka.com

Attari Sandwiches 1388 Westwood Blvd                 310-441-5488             http://www.atarisandwiches.info

Barneys Beanery    1037 Broxton Ave                        310-443-7777                http://www.barneysbeanery.com

BBQ Chicken Barbecue 10970 Le Conte Ave          310-443-0898               http://www.bbdotqusa.com

Bella Pita        960 Gayley Ave                                       310-209-1050                http://www.bellapita.com

Bibigo Korean   1091 Broxton Ave                              310-820-0011               http://www.bibigousa.com

Bites Café    10960 Wilshire Blvd #140                    310-477-2483               http://www.takebites.com

BJ’s Restaurant   939 Broxton Ave                           310-209-7475               http://www.BJsrestaurants.com

Double Take 10740 Wilshire Blvd                             310-474-7765            http://www.doubletakela.com

Boba Loca Coffee    10946 Weyburn Ave                310-443-8911                http://www.bobaloca.com

Bollywood Bites Indian    1051 Gayley Ave              310-824-1046                http://www.thebollywoodbites.com

Cafe Chez Marie     10681 Santa Monica Bl             310-475-2949               http://www.cafechezmarie.com

California Chicken Café   2005 Westwood Bl         310-446-1933              http://www.californiachickencafe.com

Cafe Glace    1441 Westwood Blvd                               310-478-8080               http://www.cafeglacemenu.com

California Fresh     2000 Westwood Blvd                310-234-0333              http://www.californiafreshla.com

Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches 900 Westwood Bl            310-443-8900               http://www.chick-fil-a.com

California Pizza Kitchen    1001 Broxton Ave        310-209-9197               http://www.cpk.com

Chili Thai   10889 W Pico Blvd                                   310-441-9443               http://www.chillithailosangeles.com

Chipotle Mexican Grill   1077 Broxton Ave            310-824-4180           http://www.chipolte.com

Clementine Bakery     1751 Ensley Ave                     310-552-1080            http://www.clementineonline.com

Cava  1073 Broxton Ave                                                 310-860-6288          http://www.cava.com

Corner Bakery Cafe Bakery  1019 Westwood Bl   310-824-1314        http://www.cornerbakerycafe.com

D’Amore’s Pizza Italian      1136 Westwood Bl      310-209-1212        http://www.damorespizza.com

Delphi Greek Greek       1383 Westwood Blvd       310-478-2900         http://www.delphigreek.com

Denny’s Diner        1060 Tiverton Ave                      310-443-7690          http://www.dennys.com

Diddy Riese Cookies    926 Broxton Ave                 310-208-0448          http://www.diddyreese.com

Earthbar      10960 Wilshire Blvd                              310-444-1809

Eduardo’s Border Grill 1830 Westwood Blvd     310-475-2410          http://www.eduardosbordergrill.com

El Pollo Loco    1081 Gayley Ave                                310-824-7776        http://www.elpolloloco.com

Elysee Cafe     1099 Gayley Ave                                  310-208-6505         http://www.elyseebakery.com

Emporium Thai   1147 Westwood Blvd                  310-478-2838          http://www.emporiumthai.com

Enzo’s Pizzeria Italian 10940 Weyburn Ave       310-208-3696          http://www.enzospizzeria.com

Expresso Profeta 1129 Glendon                               310-208-3375

Extreme Pizza Pizza 1067 Glendon Ave                310-295-2535           http://www.slicelife.com

Falafel King   1010 Broxton Ave                               310-208-4444

Fat Sal’s 972 Gayley Ave                                             855- 682-437               http://www.fatsalsdeli.com

Fatburger Burgers 10955 Kinross Ave                 310-208-4300             http://www.fatburger.com

Feast from the East 1949 Westwood Blvd            310-475-0400             http://www.ffte.com

First Szechuan Wok 10855 Lindbrook Dr            310-208.7785    http://www.losangelesfirstszechuanwok.com

Flame Broiler Korean 10948 Weyburn Ave         310-208-0240             http://www.flamebroiler077.com

Flame Mediterranean 1442 Westwood Blvd        310-470-3399            http://www.flamepersiancuisine.com

Fresh Corn Grill 1266 Westwood Blvd                   310-470-0414             http://www.freshcorngrill.com

Frida Westwood 10853 Lindbrook Dr                    310-209-0666             http://www.fridarestaurant.com

Fundamental 1303 Westwood Blvd                         310-444-7581             http://www.fundamental-la.com

Gulp American 10928 W Pico Blvd                          310-474-0007              http://www.gulpbrewco.com

Gushi Korean 978 Gayley Ave                                    310-208-4038              http://www.gushimenu.com

Gypsy Café 940 Broxton Ave                                      310-824-2119              http://www.gypsycafe.com

Habibi Cafe Middle Eastern 923 Broxton Ave      310-824-2277             http://www.habibicafe.com

Headlines American 10922 Kinross Ave                310-208-2424              http://www.headlinesdiner.com

House Of Meatballs Italian 1076 Gayley Ave         310-208-5117              http://www.houseofmeatballs.com

Ike’s Place Deli 1151 Westwood Blvd                        310-208-0770              http://www.ikesplace.com

In-N-Out Burger 922 Gayley Ave                               800-786-1000                http://www.in-n-out.com

India’s Oven 1896 Westwood Blvd                           310-475-3900                http://www.indiasovenwestwood.com

ISO Fusion Cafe Japanese 1108 Gayley ave           310-824-1268                 http://www.isofusionla.com

Italian Express 10845 Lindbrook Dr                       310-208-5572                http://www.italianexpressla.com

Jersey Mike’s Subs 1020 Glendon Ave                     310-824-126          http://www.jerseymikes.com

Jimmy John’s Sandwiches 1134 Westwood           310-208-7676                http://www.jimmyjohns.com

Jin Jiang 11057 Santa Monica Bvd                             310-444-7171              www.jinjangrestaurant.com

Jose Bernstein 935 Broxton Ave                                 310-208-4992                http://www.josebernsteins.com

Kazunori 1110 Gayley Ave                                             310-935-3974                http://www.kazunorisushi.com

La Bruschetta Italian 1621 Westwood Blvd            310-477-1052                 http://www.lbwestwood.com

Lamonicas N.Y Pizza 1066 Gayley Ave                     310-208-8671                http://www.lamonicasnypizza.com

Le Pain Quotidien 1055 Broxton Ave                        310-824-7900                http://www.lepainquotidien.com

Lenny’s Deli 2379 Westwood Blvd                              310-475-5771              http://www.lensdeli.com

Lucia’s Pizza Italian 1732 1/2 Westwood Bl              310-443-0123                     http://www.westwoodpizzeria.com

Mandarin Kitchen 1822 Westwood Blvd                    310-441-9651   http://www.mandarinkitchenlosangeles.com

Mary & Robbs 1453 West wood Blvd                            310-478-3822              http://www.maryandrobbs.com

Mesa Brazilian Eatery 10917 Lindbrook Dr               310-824-0240

Mon Amour Café Crepes 927 Broxton Ave                 310-824-7980    http://www.monamourcafewestwood.com

Mr. Noodle 936 Broxton Ave                                           310-208-7808   http://www.misternoodle.com

Naab Cafe 1269 Westwood Blvd                                    310-473-0303              http://www.naabcafe.com

Napa Valley Grille 1100 Glendon Ave                          310-824-3322           http://www.napavalleygrille.com

Nathans Kosherland 1636 Westwood Blvd               310-441-0394             http://www.nathanskosherland.com

Native foods Café 1113 Gayley Ave                                310-446-5241              http://www.nativefoods.com

Necco 1929 Westwood Blvd                                            310-209-1055              http://www.necco-restaurant.com

New India Grill Indian 1321 Westwood Bl                310- 996-0064             http://www.newindiagrill.com

Noahs Bagels 10910 lindbrook Ave                              310-209-8177               http://www.noahs.com

Noodle World 1118 Westwood Blvd                             310-208-0777                http://www.noodleworld.com

Northern Café 1064 Gayley Ave                                          310-208-8830                http://www.northerncafe.com

Novel Cafe 1101 Gayley Ave                                            310-208-6410                http://www.novelcafewestwood.com

Orchid Bakery 1927 Westwood Blvd                          310-441-4410                http://www.orchidbakery.com

Palomino 10877 Westwood Blvd                                 310-208-1960                http://www.palomino.com

Panda Express 2011 Westwood Blvd                         310-474-1397                  http://www.pandaexpress.com

Panera 1143 Westwood Blvd                                       310-208-0001                http://www.panerabread.com

Papa Johns Pizza 1301 Westwood Blvd                   310-478-2999                  http://www.papajohns.com

Peets 1154 Westwood Blvd                                            310-954-8191                   http://www.peets.com

Pho Citi 1834 Westwood Blvd                                     310-446-8070                   http://www.phoshop24.com

Pieology   920 Broxton Ave                                           310-208-0901                http://www.pieology.com

Food 10571 Westwood Blvd                                          310-441-7770                  http://www.food-la.com

Poke Bar 1553 Westwood Blvd                                    310-208-7070                    http://www.ilovepokebar.com

Poke Me 1244 Westwood Blvd                                     323-815-1566                   http://www.pokeme.net

Pomodoro Trattoria 1393 Westwood Blvd              310-445-9998                  http://www.pomodorowestwood.com

Poquito Mas 2215 Westwood Blvd                             310-474-1998                   http://www.poquitomas.com

Ralph’s Sushi, Deli, Bakery 10861 Weyburn          310-824-5994                http://www.ralphs.com

Ramen Yamadaya 1249 Westwood Blvd                  310-474-1601                   http://www.ramen-yamadaya.com

SanSai Japanese Grill 10904 Lindbrook Dr           310-443-0610                  http://www.sansaigrill.com

Shaherzad Persian 1422 Westwood Blvd                 310-470-3242                  http://www.shaherzadrestaurant.com

Shamshiri Grill 1712 Westwood Blvd                         310-474-1410                 http://www.shamshiri.com

Sholeh Persian 1442 Westwood Blvd                         310-474-5105                   http://www.flameinterntional.com

Simple Things Californian 10874 Kinross Ave      310-824-2000        http://www.simplethingsrestaraunt.com

Skylight Gardens 1139 Glendon Ave                           310-824-1818                 http://www.skylightgardens.com

Sprazzo Cucina Italiana 1389 Westwood Bl            310-479-3337              http://www.sprazzo.net

Stan’s Corner Donut Shoppe 10948 Weyburn Ave 310-208-8660   http://www.stansdoughnuts.com

Starbucks 1161 Westwood Blvd                                     310-208-5555                     http://www.starbucks.com

Starbucks 861 Weyburn Ave                                          310-209-1626                     http://www.starbucks.com

Subway 1165 Westwood Blvd                                         310-208-7774                http://www.subway.com

Subway 2180 Westwood Blvd                                        310-470-8445                http://www.subway.com

Sunnin Lebanese Café 1776 Westwood Blvd           310-475-3388              http://www.sunnin.com

Tacos Tu Madre 1945 Westwood Blvd                        424-832-7092 http://www.tacostumadre.com

Tanino Ristorante Bar 1043 Westwood Blvd            310-208-0444 http://www.tanino.com

Taste of Tehran 1915 Westwood Blvd                          310-470-0022 http://www.tasteoftehran.com

Thai Dishes 10926 Pico Blvd                                           310-470-4559

Thai Fresh 1771 Westwood Blvd                                     310-478-1345 http://www.thaifreshcafe.com

The Boiling Crab 10875 Kinross Ave                            310-208-4888 http://www.theboilingcrab.com

The Kitchen at Westwood 1510 Westwood Blvd       310-474-8444   http://www.thekitchenatwestwood.com

TLT Food Mexican 1116 S Westwood Blvd                  310-443-4433   http://www.tltfood.com

Tomodachi Sushi 10975 Weyburn Ave                         310-824-8805  http://www.tomodachisushilosangeles.com

Veggie Grill Sandwiches 10916 Lindbrook Dr           310-209-6070  http://www.veggiegrill.com

W Hotel The Backyard / STK 930 Hilgard Ave         310-208-8765  http://www.wlosangeles.com

Westwood Thai Cafe 1375 Westwood Blvd                  310-477-7031 http://www.westwoodthaicafe.com

Puck Bel Air Hotel 701 Stone Canyon Rd                      310-472-1211  http://www.dorchestercollection.com

Westside Tavern   10850 W Pico Blvd                           310-470-1539    http://www.westsidetavernla.com

Yogurtland 10911 Lindbrook Dr                                      310-208-2888


Zuma Kitchen 1942 Westwood Bl                                  310-446-0055  http://www.mzumakitchen.com

Westwood Real Estate  http://www.westwoodrealestateblog.com http://www.housesinwestwood.com ,
Century City condominiums http://www.centurycityblog.com ,
Holmby Hills http://www.Holmbyhillsblog.com
Bel- Air homes http://www.Belairnewsletter.com


Contact me for all your real estate needs and things to do and local resources in Westwood and Century City .

Westwood Restaurants 2017

Places to Eat in Westwood. Zuma Kitchen


Westwood Restaurants 2017

Westwood Restaurants 2017. Cava

Westwood Restaurants 2017

Westwood Restaurants 2017. Orchid Bakery

Westwood Restaurants 2017

Westwood Restaurants 2017






















Westwood Real Estate changing

Westwood Real Estate Changing

There are several sub neighborhoods within Westwood. There is Little Holmby,  Holmby Hills, West Hills, (Warner Ave Elementary)Comstock Hills  which is East of Beverly Glen. The area South of Wilshire between Beverly Glen and Veteran bordered by Santa Monica Blvd (Fairburn Elementary School). You have the neighborhood to the East of Westwood Blvd and Sepulveda. There are the homes South of Santa Monica Blvd to Pico which span E of Beverly Glen to Sepulveda. There are great schools that are the foundation of the community along with parks, restaurants, theaters, places of worship, shops etc. Westwood real estate is changing around Westood Charter Elementary and the homes that surround it are also where new home construction and remodeling are occuring.

With interest rates low there is a lot of new construction. To the North of Wilshire there is an ICO and Possible HPOZ (see previous articles I have written) To the South of Wilshire all around the Fairburn School district there are many new homes being built. There is no restriction to build new homes and remodel.Prices of tear down houses are around $1, 400,000.00 and they are being replaced or renovated with homes that are anywhere from 2 million to 5 million. Because the neighborhood is so central to all Los Angeles has to offer and the great schools there are families looking to move into the neighborhood embracing construction with all the latest finishes. Cesar stone counters, wide wood plank floors, walk in closets, kitchens with family rooms integrated and open floor plans opening to backyards for outdoor living are just a few of the features you will see in the newer homes. New homes often include screening rooms, large garages, top of the line materials, maximum use of space.

Westwood real estate is changing. There will continue to be more remodeling and construction . Demand is high in the area, interest rates are currently low for builders to get money to remodel and build new homes as the area to continues to meet demand.

Contact me for all your real estate needs. www.caronschwartz.com at 310 383-0831

New Construction Westwood

New Construction Westwood

New Homes for sale Westwood

New Homes for sale Westwood



new Construction Westwood

new Construction Westwood

New Construction lot

New Construction lot

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Westwood real estate is changing

Westwood real estate is changing

Westwood Real Estate

Westwood Real Estate







Buy a condo near UCLA

If you’re thinking about buying a condo near UCLA, there are several areas close to campus you should consider. To the West of campus are most of the apartments that are rentals mixed with condominiums. Over the past few years more newer construction apartments and condominiums are being built. These buildings vary within by streets that have older “student” apartment buildings. The newer construction condo’s are more expensive than the older buildings.  By the time you pay a minimum of approximately $3000 monthly for an individual 1 bedroom apartment which is $33,000 annually ,students may consider buying a condominium. Your monthly payments would be going towards ownership. At the end of your term at UCLA you may rent your condo for a monthly income, or choose to sell it. If you stay living in Los Angeles you may want to continue living there. Condominiums are not inexpensive in this central area of Los Angeles. If you are attending UCLA for a 3 year program it makes sense to buy a condo near UCLA . Down payments run 20% of the purchase price. Although there have been some bargains over the past few years under $500,000.00 purchase price, they are harder to find close to campus lately.

The average two bedroom condominium in the area is around $650,000-$850,000 . Depending on whether you choose a high rise that may have more amenities including security, pool and gym you will find  the additional homeowners dues can really vary. If you buy a condo near UCLA in a smaller building the HOA fee’s can be $350 to $800.00 average at the time of this article posting. There are more smaller buildings further distance from campus which require a car or riding the bus, scooter or bicycle. Just South of Wilshire Blvd there are many options for smaller buildings .

In addition ,if you want to buy a condo near UCLA you can choose among many high rises that line the approximately 1 mile stretch of the Wilshire Corridor. This is a strip of high rises close to campus. Some are within walking distance, some are further. There are several other high rises in the area. The high rises in the area average $500,000-$3,000,000. They will have higher HOA dues than the smaller buildings.  There are many foreign and American buyers who have held investment condominiums in the area for a long time. Depending on the amenities of the building affects price and HOA dues.

If you are thinking to buy a condo near UCLA contact me to learn all about the area and what would be the best choice for you. It is a fabulous part of Los Angeles with many restaurants, grocery stores, museums, places of worship, parks, shopping and public transportation. The condominiums for sale are close to Beverly Hills and Century City. Values have continued going up in the area. 310-383-0831. www.caronschwartz.com  #condowestwood  #westwoodcondo #wilshirecorridor

buy a condo near UCLA

buy a condo near UCLA







Holmby Hills HPOZ Update

 Construction Holmby Hills

Construction Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills HPOZ Update gives an overview of what has happened in the area regarding new construction and remodeling. There were several meetings taking place throughout July and August 2016 for discussion about the HPOZ for Holmby Hills Westwood neighborhood. HPOZ ? “Historic Preservation Overlay Zone”.(What is ICO and HPOZ ?)

Proponents for a HPOZ and Anti HPOZ residents met a few times at St. Aidan’s Church in Westwood to discuss their views. (July 14, and July 21 2016) The proponents for HPOZ have been preparing the HPOZ for this area for several years .Many residents formed a large STOP HPOZ committee. Residents expressed they had not been informed or felt misinformed about the proposed HPOZ. Over 500 residents expressed their opposition to a HPOZ. A large amount of written comments, comment cards, and verbal comments were collected and expressed at the meetings .Some homeowners created a petition and contacted their City Council. Some residents felt the restrictions violated their Civil Rights. Some residents didn’t want colors restricted. landscaping, and materials for windows to name a few objections. Furthermore other homeowners didn’t want any restrictions. Other residents felt the only way to protect the character and preserve the community would be through a HPOZ. This community came forward to take action that affects their neighborhood and its future. Value and freedom of choice is very important to the homeowners. Additionally, maintaining the character of the neighborhood and how residents will to do that must be decided.

As a result of the meetings and comments, the proposed Holmby Westwood HPOZ will not be put on agenda for the August 18, 2016 Cultural Heritage Commission hearing. In addition, it will not be put on agenda for the September 22, 2016 City Planning Commission hearing . All the input is now being analyzed .Postponing these meetings will give the Council more time to review.The current HPOZ draft (http://preservation.lacity.org/sites/default/files/Presentation_Public%20Hearing%207-28-16%20FINAL.pdf ) is a proposed guideline.

Holmby Hills HPOZ Update

Holmby Hills HPOZ Update

Similarly, many residents stated they do not want their rights regarding their homes determined by a committee. Furthermore, they do not want a more bureaucratic process , more fee’s, restrictions, and increased length of time for permits. Some residents felt homeowners  who have already remodeled would be more fortunate than those who contemplate remodeling and renovations in the future under the current HPOZ proposition .The HPOZ proponents feel that the guidelines can be developed to please residents.

In Conclusion, The City of Los Angeles will be reviewing the matter in the coming months.  Open the above links to understand more about the various issues, history of the neighborhood, architects of Holmby Hills, and styles of homes, What do you think? Your opinion matters. Be aware, be involved! Stay informed, Share your comments. Holmby Hills HPOZ Update

(What is ICO and HPOZ ?)

Contact https://www.caronschwartz.com for all your real estate needs. 310-383-0831


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Luxury Rental Westwood

If you are looking for a luxury rental Westwood, look no further. There are several great choices in Westwoood. One of the best features about living in Westwood is the ability to walk to many places . Walk to Ralph’s Grocery in Westwood,, UCLA , City Target, Trader Joes, Whole Foods Market, so many restaurants(see my restaurant list), Museums (Fowler, Armand Hammer, UCLA Sculpture Gardens,)Public library in Westwood,gyms in Westwood, movie theaters in Westwood,places of worship in Westwood public transportation to Santa Monica or Beverly Hills. There are so many more things to list. Living in Westwood is central to so many things to do in Los Angeles. There are long term and short term rentals in Westwood.  The Wilshire Corridor has many residential condominiums for sale.  There are many Wilshire Corridor leases. This particular lease in Westwood is walking distance to everything. Features of this apartment rental in Westwood include security building, rooftop garden and jacuzzi, large rooms with the newest wood flooring, high ceilings, nest controls, the latest Kitchen appliances and finishes, walk in closets, large windows, community room, gym etc. Luxury rental Westwood Village includes many choices . There are also many luxury condominium and apartment rentals Wilshire Corridor to choose from.  condominiums for sale on the Wilshire Corridor are an excellent investment while attending college at UCLA. Imagine, not needing a car often in Los Angeles and taking the stress of driving out of life. Cafe’s and restaurants can be found in abundance in Westwood. Contact   http://www.caronschwartz for all your real estate needs

Luxury Rental Westwood

Luxury Rental Westwood



1122 Gayley bedroom

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Wilshire Corridor Condominiums sold April 2016

Nine Wilshire Corridor Condominiums sold April 2016. The Wilshire Corridor is a 25 block boulevard of beautiful high rise and low rise condominiums central to Los Angeles. Positioned between the 405 and 10 freeways, Westwood, UCLA, Century City, Bel Air and Beverly Hills The Wilshire Corriodr is a wonderful community to live in Los Angeles. Surrounded by theaters, grocery stores, places of worship, parks, schools, museums, and so much more, living here puts you close to everything in L.A. The one, two three and four bedroom condominiums are usually in buildings with many amenities including security, pools, gyms, valet parking, etc.Depending on your needs and budget there is a perfect building for you. Visit my restaurant lists, park, theater,school,golf, etc lists to find out more.

La Tour 2 bedroom 3190 sq ft Sold

La Tour 2 bedroom 3190 sq ft Sold

This month Wilshire Corridor Condominiums sold April 2016 include mostly 2 bedroom units ranging in price under a million to over three million. Differences in sales price often include age of the building, amenities, upgrades within the units interiors, floor, location , views, and building.  La Tour Condominiums always has large square footage and big windows that bring in a lot of light. A two bedroom with 3190 square feet sold on a high floor on the North East corner for $3,350,000 but needed work to update the interiors. The Views were terrific as is that amount of square footage. A 2 bedroom/3bath condo in the Wilshire Thayer with the interiors totally redone , 1759 sq feet on a upper floor sold for $1,225,000.00. The building has security entry  but does not have other amenities like a pool and gym For more information contact https://www.caronschwartz.com

2 bedroom Wilshire Corridor Condominium sold under one million with 1859 sq ft

2 bedroom Wilshire Corridor Condominium sold under one million with 1859 sq ft

Wilshire Corridor Condominiums Sold April 2016

Wilshire Corridor Condominiums Sold April 2016

Wilshire Thayer 2 bedroom Sold

Wilshire Thayer 2 bedroom Sold