Buying a home in Little Holmby Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Buying a home in Little Holmby with Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’S) . Many new home buyers interested in living in the area are unaware that there are CC&Rs for some of the homes.

First,the original developer of the neighborhood,the Janss Investment Corp along with The HWPOA (Holmby Westwood Property Owners Association, established rules and guidelines for the homes in the community.

Second, the deeds of homes notate the CCR’s rules.

Third, in 1976/1977 homeowners were asked to renew and modify the restrictions upon the original CCR expiration . Some homes elected to renew and others did not. Thus, some homes in the Little Holmby neighborhood are under CC&R’s and others are not.

Furthermore, as a realtor, I often find interested buyers in Little Holmby real estate who may not aware of this. Additionally, current homeowners who wish to remodel may need the committee to review what they plan to do. Many other realtors are unaware of the rules.

Lastly, in 2016 the neighborhood rejected the establishment of a HPOZ (*see other articles I have written and noted link below). Some neighbors found the proposed HPOZ too restrictive while others favored it. As of writing this article in 2019, the Architectural Committee does review homes that it determines are under CCR’s.

Residents continue to enhance the already beautiful and charming neighborhood. Contact me for further information when buying, selling or leasing a home in Westwood. http://www.caronschwartz.com 310-383-0831 http://www.housesinwestwood.com 

Some homes have CCR’s for new construction and remodels

History of Westwood Real Estate

Holmby Hills proposed HPOZ terminated .



The difference between small lot subdivision, townhome, and condo in LA

The difference between small lot subdivision, townhome, and condo in LA is something I am often asked about. Below are some of the differences.

First, with condominiums and townhouses, the dwellings on a small lot subdivision do not share any common walls. Small lot homes are for smaller areas with compact building footprints ,reduced side yards and setbacks. They have street frontage and passage between buildings with open space.

Second, unlike condominiums and townhouses, the dwellings on a small lot subdivision do not share any common walls. Additionally, the owner of a home in the subdivision owns his or her individual home and also owns the land under that home. Furthermore,the owner of a home in the subdivision is not part of a homeowner’s association. Therefore, the owner makes all decisions with respect to his or her property. Sometimes there is a low monthly maintenance fee.

The difference between small lot subdivision, townhome, and condo in LA

rooftop patio small lot subdivision home Westwood

The difference between small lot subdivision, townhome, and condo in LA

The difference between small lot subdivision, townhome, and condo in LA

Third, with condominiums and townhomes, the owners of condominiums and townhomes own their individual units. They do not own the land under the units. They often share common walls. Also, they are usually part of a HOA.  Typically, the owner of a condo owns only the interiors of the condo. Conversely, the owner of a townhome owns the land as well as the interiors plus any yard or deck. Additionally, condos may be on any floor of a structure.

Fourth, a townhouse is a architectural/physical/design description, and condo is a legal description that defines the common ownership of the land, buildings, and common areas. Almost all townhomes are condos. Also, townhomes have no other unit above or below them. In a townhouse, the owner is usually responsible for both the interior and exterior because everything on the land it’s built on is owned by the individual. A condo insurance policy is an HO-6, while townhome insurance is an HO-3.

In conclusion, as you can see there are differences when buying each type of property in California. Contact Caron Schwartz for all your real estate needs. http://www.caronschwartz.com  310-383-0831







Find a townhouse in Los Angeles

  Find a townhouse in Los Angeles! They are in hot demand. Interestingly,throughout the city you can find beautiful new contemporary townhouses. Townhouse or townhome refers to a single family home that shares one or more walls with other independently owned units. Notably, they have stairs, so be prepared to climb. As a result, I wish more were built with elevators!! Thus, they would appeal to a much larger audience.

Find a townhouse in Los Angeles

Find a townhouse in Los Angeles

Find a townhouse in Los Angeles

Firstly, it is important to know the differences between a townhouse or condominium. Thus, if the walls between units are not touching the other units, it is considered a single family home. Conversely, if the walls are touching, it is considered a condominium .(home insurance may vary as a result !)

Furthermore, there is a new “small lot subdivision home”which is referred to as a townhouse. Therefore in this case, there is no Homeowners Insurance Association(HOA) common fee. The small lot ordinance permits small lot developments in the form of detached townhouses. Knowing the differences is helpful. As a result, there are different fee’s.

Secondly, when looking for a townhouse, you need to determine what part of the city you would like to live in? Also ,find one according to the architectural design and features they offer. Furthermore, there are townhouses all over Los Angeles. There are new townhouses featuring quartz counters, new appliances, wood floors, and large closets. Also, they may have rooftop gardens or side gardens. Thus, minimal upkeep!

Lastly, contact me for all your real estate needs. http://www.caronschwartz.com  310-383-0831. I’d love to work with you.

http://www.townhomela.com   http://www.townhouselosangeles.com  http://www.losangelesluxurycondosblog.com

34 homes sold in Westwood May to June 2019

34 homes sold in Westwood May to June 2019. Approximately 60 condos sold. Working with a realtor is a great asset because I study what is happening in the neighborhoods. This information helps you to understand value when buying a home or condo.

Firstly ,as a realtor I constantly monitor what is on the market for sale and what is selling. There has been a lot of new construction in homes in Westwood in the past few years. Additionally, there are a lot of fabulous new construction homes on the market. Equally interesting is that many are selling! It used to be you had to go North of Wilshire to find large homes with designer features. Since Westwood has great schools, there are many wonderful areas to live within Westwood. Each of these neighborhoods has fabulous homes.

Secondly, by following data, I am able to help inform you about the inventory on the market. Due to this, you will not miss an opportunity when buying or selling a home.  I help clients get their home prepared with the best presentation when selling a home. If you are a buyer working with me, as a interior designer, I can help you visualize how to personalize a home.

Thirdly, while we have seen more inventory in the 3 and 4 million range on the market in recent months, we are also seeing many sales. If you are interested in a particular area, contact me to receive newsletters and data to help keep you informed about property in the neighborhood you are interested in. Contact http://www.caronschwartz.com 310-383-0831

821 Glenmont




Modern Town homes Los Angeles

Modern town homes Los Angeles. I have been viewing many of them lately. As a realtor, I must say I am surprised how quickly they are selling. Additionally, they are often so gorgeous, it is not surprising. A contradiction, yet they often cost as much as entry level homes in the area. The convenience of locking up and not having a yard to maintain, beautiful new finishes and fixtures are a big draw. Developers are now incorporating nice side gardens, roof top gardens and large balconies which are the added treat.

Secondly, most have stairs. I am not sure why developers are not putting more elevators with direct access? Expense? It seems you would increase the number of buyers interested by designing them with elevators. Unfortunately, for many the triple flight of stairs to get to a rooftop garden are difficult. Other than this design feature, the interiors are usually stunning. Wide neutral color wood plank floors, large windows, open kitchens with white quartz counters, new appliances, etc all appeal to most buyers. The bedrooms are often compact but include large closets and modern dual sink ,frame less shower doors in the bathrooms.

Thirdly, the prices vary slightly. In general, in Mid Wilshire, Culver City, WLA, Westwood, Venice,Marina Del Rey,  the prices average range from around $1,395,000-$1,975,000 for a 3 bedroom newer construction town home.  Additionally, sometimes they are listed as a home, and sometimes as a condo depending on building guidelines. They have the advantage of a garage.

town home Los Angeles

town homes Los Angeles

town home Los Angeles roof top garden

town home Los Angeles roof top garden

Modern Town homes Los Angeles

Modern Town homes Los Angeles


Lastly, for further information contact 310-383-0831 for all your real estate needs . http://www.caronschwartz.com





Wilshire Corridor condominium sales July 2019

Wilshire Corridor condominium sales July 2019 include 17 condos sold. Of those sold one is a studio,two are one bedroom,seven are two bedroom, and seven are 3 bedroom. They sold in buildings like the Carlyle, the Park WIlshire, TheWilshire Holmby, The Remington, The Liddel, to name a few.

First, when you buy a condo on the Wilshire Corridor, you focus on the price range you want and the number of bedrooms.  Furthermore, the age of the building, amenities, improvements, view, all have to do with price per square foot determining what your choices are.Also, the seven two bedrooms that sold varied in square footage and all of the above listed variables. 10777 Wilshire one of the newer buildings on the corridor had two bedrooms that sold just over $1,200,000.00.  Additionally, the 6th floor sold for almost double the price for a two bedroom at $2,198,000.00.

10777 Wilshire the Liddel

Secondly, the seven 3 bedroom condos that sold varied in price from $725,000 to $3,995,000. Most noteworthy, the 20th floor in the Remington with 3356 square feet sold for $3,995,000.00. 10380 Wilshire, La Tour, 3 bedroom with 3143 square feet sold for $3,401,000.00. Furthermore, that’s an average of $1,100 per square foot average in better quality buildings.

Wilshire corridor condominiums sold July 2019

Wilshire corridor condominium sales July 2019

Lastly, when looking to purchase, sell or lease a condominium on the Wilshire Corridor, contact me for all your real estate needs. Having a professional who knows the area is one of your best assets in buying or selling your home. Contact http://www.caronschwartz.com  310-383-0831

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8899 Beverly Blvd condominiums

 8899 Beverly Blvd condominiums is under construction from real estate investment firm Townscape Partners. This contemporary project is an adaptive reuse project. Thus, it converts an existing Richard Dorman designed office building into a residential tower with retail below. Furthermore, the 10-story tower will be turned into 40 residential units, including 15 apartments for low-income households. Additionally, there are nine townhomes planned on the former parking lot.

Seattle-based architecture firm Olson Kundig has designed the project. The residences will start on the 4th floor. Furthermore, there will be 1 to 4 bedroom residences from about 1100-7151 square feet. Ceiling heights will be 11′. Also, a unique single story top floor luxury penthouse with 7 bedrooms-9 bathrooms is available. Uniquely, every unit will have outdoor balconies that seamlessly integrate indoors and outdoors. Imagine the incredible views in all directions!

Lastly, the property will include a pool, fire pit and cooking area,and a fitness center overlooking Beverly Blvd . Additionally, there will be valet parking, concierge, some private car garages and 12,000 sq ft of common spaces. Most noteworthy, are the outstanding finishes planned for the interiors with glass floor to ceiling windows. There will be smart home electronics for lights and shades along with  All this, in the middle of West Hollywood across from Cedars Sinai!

8899 Beverly Blvd condominiums

8899 Beverly Blvd condominiums August 2019

For further questions or if you would like to tour give me a call.  Contact me for all your real estate needs. http://www.caronschwartz.com  310-383-0831

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Proposed new Belmont Village Senior Living Facility in Westwood

Proposed new Belmont Village Senior Living Facility in Westwood.

There is a Belmont Senior facility in Westwood at 10475 Wilshire Blvd. A new Belmont Senior facility is proposed at the current site of Westwood Presbyterian church at 10833 Wilshire. Some residents object to the request by Belmont to construct 12 stories. Most noteworthy, this is above the established quota of 6 stories. Belmont stated “the request for additional height meets the eldercare facility ordinance requirements which would allow them the extra height.”

Firstly, you can read more about the proposed project https://dailybruin.com/2019/03/01/proposed-westwood-senior-living-center-receives-mixed-reactions-from-community/.    http://www.neighborsforsensiblegrowth.org

Secondly,at a recent February 2019 HWPOA homeowners meeting local residents expressed their opinions about the project. Some residents are in favor of creating more senior care rooms. Additionally, some residents expressed they are pleased to learn of the new proposed facility. Conversely, other residents felt the proposed building would set a terrible precedent for future developers who may wish to exceed existing height rules. Furthermore, other residents felt this is too large a project for the site.

Thirdly, Belmont’s representative said “the lower height restriction is not profitable”. Also,residents expressed “all senior centers are welcome, but at the zoned height allowance of six stories”. Another resident stated “homes and buildings surrounding the project would be impacted by the large structure”. Comments included “I felt my homeowners board didn’t notify me ” As a result, there have been petitions and committee’s formed to convey different resident views. Holmby Westwood Neighborhood Council members met with the various neighborhood boards to discuss this .http://www.wwnc.org

Most noteworthy, HWPOA recently voted to now oppose the larger height project(March 12, 2019). Members voted “they would be comfortable with the 6 story development”. What do you think?

In conclusion,some neighbors have set up websites for those concerned.  https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-support-the-westwood-specific-plan-join-800-other-supporters . Your thoughts?. Contact http://www.caronschwartz.com  or all your real estate needs.  http://www.thewilshirecorridorcondos.com

Caron is a SRES . Senior Real Estate Specialist and member of * Holmby Westwood Property Owners Association(HWPOA)

The Liddel

The Liddel condominiums. At the time of writing, these condominiums are The Wilshire Corridor’s newest residences. Many units have been sold in the past few months with prices ranging over $1,000,000.00-$2,000,000.00 average. These spectacular new contemporary residences are in hot demand!

Firstly, the Wilshire Corridor attracts residents who want to live in a central location in Los Angeles. Due to, close proximity to UCLA, Westwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, freeway access and the new metro station it is convenient to get around.

Secondly, Wilshire Corridor’s newest collection of 56 contemporary residences is located on the North Western stretch of the Corridor. Henceforth, you can walk to Ralphs, Trader Joes, Whole foods, theaters, UCLA, museums, drug stores, library, shopping, etc. Consequently, this is a premium location due to ease of walking convenience close by. (View more about the building on my video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Ts7GnvW7I

Most noteworthy, the project has modern interiors, gorgeous community shared spaces, beautiful contemporary fixtures, and views. Additionally, the condos have large windows, use of fitness room, valet parking .

Furthermore, there is security entry, community lounges, conference area, entertainment dining space, kitchen, garden space with waterfall, electric car recharging station, wine room etc.


Thirdly, there are one and two bedroom condominiums which average 1851 square feet. These are located on the second to fifth floors . Also, the condos on the sixth floor, feature expansive windows with large balconies for indoor-outdoor living . Furthermore they have 1,031 to 2,537 square feet of open floor space. The penthouses are very special featuring one to three bedrooms and up to 2,706 square feet of open plan living. Lastly, many have private rooftop terraces .

Rooftop at the Liddel condominiums

Rooftop at the Liddel condominiums

The Liddel sitting area rooftop

Wilshire Corridor buildings

Lobby at the Liddel condominium in Westwood

Liddel rooftop view

Westwood newest low rise condominium project- lobby lounge

The Liddel Kitchen

In Conclusion, The Liddel is a welcome addition to Los Angeles luxury condominiums. For more information about this building and any of your real estate needs contact Caron Schwartz at 310-383-0831. Expertise in the area is invaluable! http://www.caronschwartz.com   .Learn more about all the buildings on the Wilshire Corridor through videos on my website.

Other links:

http://www.thewilshirecorridorcondos.com    Prominent Private Schools Near The Wilshire Corridor   Westwood Village things to do



Westwood / Little Holmby/ Bel Air /B.H.P.O

First, have you considered moving to a condo from a home? Or vice versa? Call me to see what your options are.

Wilshire Corridor penthouse for sale

Most noteworthy, the above picture is from a penthouse on the Wilshire Corridor with 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, walk in closets and large bathrooms with over 5500 sq ft. Security, concierge, pool, gym and views are some of the amenities offered for just over $4.8+million. Additionally,there are several penthouses available on the WIlshire Corridor at this time.

There are several 3 bedroom condos in the $3 million range and under. There are many exciting remodels and luxury condos on the Wilshire Corridor.

Especially relevant, APRIL 2019 real estate activity is picking up. Interestingly, under $1,795,000 homes are moving!
Many of my customers live in Belair and Beverly Hills & PO. Others live in Hollywood, Culver City, Beverlywood, Rancho Park,Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice/Marina. Most noteworthy, I work in many areas but I only sent statistics for the Westwood area. I am happy to send  you this data if you e mail me to send to you.
Secondly, the market is picking up with many sales in the area and new listings being sold. Since January 2019, more than 42 homes in Westwood have sold. They average in price between 1.5 and 4 million. Comparatively, a larger number of homes were sold South of Olympic to Pico. Also, more than 107 condos sold in Westwood since the beginning of the year. 41 were along the corridor. Home sales in the higher price range have slowed down a bit.

Furthermore, buyers are taking more time to look at their options. I help clients view property so they can understand value and be able to act upon a good property when it comes on the market. Additionally, we are still seeing multiple offers on well priced properties.

There are 26 Active Single family listings in all of Westwood. There are 168+ condos for sale in Westwood of which 62 are listed on the Wilshire Corridor. Additionally, contact me to have statistics mailed to you. My clients get a mailchimp blast from me every month to tell them what is happening in the neighborhood.

Westwood Real Estate and neighborhood update

Especially relevant, real estate monthly data

Did you know? North of Wilshire in Little Holmby: 9 properties- 7 active listings,1 pending,1 under contract
Westwood Hills:6 properties- 4 active listings 1 under contract, 1 pending
North of Santa Monica Blvd:15 listings-9 active listings, 3 under contract, 3 pending
South of Santa Monica Blvd:21 listings- 11 active listings, 9 Under contract 1 Pending

Thirdly, LISTINGS ARE NEEDED !. It’s a great time to sell, so let’s get your home ready for market together. Hence, there are still more buyers than inventory to sell.

EFFECTIVE JULY 1,2019 RENT INCREASES CITY OF LOS ANGELES RAISED UP to 4%Many buyers and sellers in Little Holmby are unaware that there are many houses under CC&R’s . If you are thinking of selling or buying you need to review this.Did you know? Has the microwave met its match? The biggest money-making kitchen feature was the steam oven, wall ovens that pump in steam to cook food in a healthier manner. Comparatively, these netted a 34% sales premium, higher than any other feature. (Marketwatch)

Additionally, are you looking to relocate? I work with clients who are downsizing, up sizing, finding a first home, or their next. Through this experience specializing in these neighborhoods, I have gained extensive knowledge about local schools, remodeling projects, transition, and moving issues.

What to Explore In Westwood, Brentwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, & More.

Every month I feature different restaurants and activities going on.
TOMADASHI is easy to miss
There are a few sushi restaurants in Westwood. I love to go here for my California rolls in soy wrapping. Easy take out .
10975 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 824-8805 open till 10:30

Tomadashi Sushi

HISTORY OF HIP HOP OPENS APRIL 26, 2019 at Annenberg Space for Photography

Visual history of hip hop

 DOGS -A SCIENCE TAIL- California Science Center

Science of Dogs

From lovable companions to loyal protectors, dogs live and work alongside us. They can rescue us from peril, sniff out danger, or provide help to people in need. Through engaging and fun hands-on exhibits, explore the science behind the bond between humans and dogs.
California Science Center 700 Exposition Park Drive Los Angeles, CA 90037 10-5 daily https://californiasciencecenter.org/visit


Available For lease

Wilshire Corridor
10787 Wilshire Boulevard
3 BD + Large Balcony | 3 BA | Offered at $4900/mo

10787 Wilshire 404 for lease

Coming soon
Wilshire Corridor 2 bedroom lease 2 ba views Century City $7000
2300+ sq ft 2 bedroom/2 ba – Full service amenities,

Over 2500 square feet Wilshire Corridor lease

JUST LEASED BHPO (below) $32,000.00 monthly,
5 bedrooms- Amazing views 1426 Harridge

Beverly Hills Post Office lease

10727 Wilshire Boulevard #1402 – The Remington

Wilshire Corridor luxury condominium

3 BD + Family Room + Views | 3,200 + SF
3432 Glorietta Place, Sherman Oaks

Wilshire Corridor luxury condominium

5 BD | 4 BA | 3,238+ SF | 13,856 SF Lot

 Stay tuned for more local updates and recommendations! If you are considering selling, buying, or leasing, please contact me for all your real estate needs!

For all your real estate needs contact: http://www.caronschwartz.com 310-383-0831

Based on information from the Association of REALTORS®/Multiple Listing as of 3/27/17 and/or other sources. Display of MLS data is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed accurate by the MLS. The Broker/Agent providing the information contained herein may or may not have been the Listing and/or Selling Agent.